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NOTICES (Draft and Full)

Notice of Approval WSR TOR Oct 8th, 2021

Notice of Commencement of Environmental Assessment

Published Notice of Draft Terms of Reference

Draft Terms of Reference – Full Document

Draft Terms of References – Sections

Notice of Submission of the Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference – Full Document

Supportive Documentation for Terms of Reference

Record of Consultation for the Terms of Reference

Terms of References – Sections
Simple Language Guide Draft Terms of Reference Coming Soon

We provide a simplified and common language summary of the
Draft Terms of Reference in multiple languages.

Fact Sheets

Newsletters - Regional

Newsletter #1
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #3
Newsletter #4
Newsletter #5
Newsletter #6

Open Houses

Notice of Open Houses (2019)
Open Houses Materials (2019)

You know the land and have a special connection with the land - we want to hear from you.

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