A planned 107 km all-season road running from Webequie First Nation’s airport to mineral exploration activities and the proposed mining development.


The purpose of the Supply Road is to allow the community to benefit by helping the year-round movement of supplies, materials and people to mineral exploration activities and future mining developments from Webequie First Nation’s airport. Webequie First Nation is the proponent of this Supply Road Project.

Current Phase

The project is currently undergoing both federal and provincial environmental assessments.  Preliminary engineering is also being done to identify what is required to build the road, including the amount of gravel and rock and the number of bridges and culverts.

Latest Video

Simplified Environmental and Impact Assessment (English)

We are striving to present podcasts and other materials to deepen the understanding of the Environmental Assessment (EA) process for Indigenous communities and the public.

EA Highlights and EA Video Tutorials are being produced as a way to feature team leaders, scientists, community members, and many others to help explain the different dimensions of the Environmental Assessment.

We are also producing factsheets and frequently asked questions to assist in create awareness and diffusing knowledge about the EA process.

Download The Oji Cree Translation of our presentation here.

Latest Documents, Videos, and Updates

Webequie First Nation has developed a three-tier framework for their approach to Indigenous consultation.

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