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October 28th // 2020

We are having a virtual meeting, come join us to talk about the terms of reference for our Environmental Assessment

October 28 - 1pm and 4pm

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    Wildlife Expert

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    We are having a discussion with our subject matter expert on wildlife and fish. In this discussion, viewers will learn about the field investigations that took place and how wildlife and fish will be assessed.

    You will be able to text us, email us and/or speak to us live via Skype.  That’s right, this is a fully live session.  We look forward to seeing you there.

    Please text 807 630 1864 with questions, you can do this live!



    Tune in for another exciting and engaging live streaming session with the Webequie Supply Road Project Team on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 1:00-2:00pm and 4:00-5:00pm, featuring a discussion with our senior biologist to talk about wildlife and fish – how were they surveyed and how will they be studied.


    The Project Team has progressed with their field work, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic!  Learn about the field surveys that were conducted:

    • Winter Caribou Survey – to count the Woodland Caribou observed and make observations of the type of wintering habitat where they were seen
    • Waterfowl Survey – to understand how waterfowl use the rivers, streams and lakes close to the WSR corridor
    • Breeding Bird Survey – to observe and record both migratory bird species and year-round resident bird species that may nest within the project study area
    • Bat Survey – to see if there are bat species present in the area and identify their critical habitat within the project study area
    • Caribou Nursery Habitat Survey – to learn where Woodland Caribou give birth to (calving) and take care of their youth (nursery) within the project study area
    • Vegetation Survey – to determine trees, plants, species at risk, invasive species and soil types
    • Spawning Survey – to determine where Walleye and Lake Sturgeon are spawning and where the habitats are located within streams or rivers
    • Fall Bird Survey – to identify migrant birds such as raptors and shorebirds within the project study area
    • Fish Community and Fish Habitat Survey – fish community sampling to determine fish presence in the project study area

    • Benthic Invertebrates/Water and Sediment Sampling – to determine the health of the aquatic ecosystem and aquatic community

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