The virtual community meetings are part of the Webequie Supply Road (WSR) Round 2 of the environmental assessment consultation and are focusing on the assessment alternatives route for the road and the evaluation of alternative supporting infrastructure (i.e., pits, quarries, access roads, camps etc.) and the design of the road.  Part 1 of this consultation with communities will cover the assessment alternatives, while Part 2 will discuss the evaluation of alternative supporting infrastructure and the road design.

The WSR Project Team has also made available a Virtual Reality (VR) Open House for community members to view project information and to provide comments. The VR Open House is tailored for each community – an invitation letter will be sent to your community with a link to the VR Open House.

We invite you to participate in these virtual community information sessions to learn more about the project.

This is the official page to find your community meeting time and links to join.  No registration required.  We are currently doing Part 2 Session 2 starting May 29th, 2023.

May 29th, 2023
June 19th, 12 to 1pm
June 5th, 2-3pm 2023
July 17th, 12 to 1pm
June 12th, 2 to 3pm
July 24th, 2 to 3pm
June 12th, 12 to 1pm
June 19th, 2 to 3pm
July 4th, 2 to 3pm
June 26th, 2 to 3pm
June 31st, 12 to 1pm
June 5th, 12-1pm
June 31st, 2 to 3pm
August 8th, 2 to 3pm
July 4th, 12 to 1pm
June 26th, 12 to 1pm
August 8th, 12 to 1pm
July 10th, 2 to 3pm
July 17th, 2 to 3pm
May 29th, 2023
July 10th, 12 to 1pm
July 24th, 12 to 1pm


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WSR Presents: Road Foundation Design

Join us as our team discuss the Road Foundation Design- the preliminary road designs for the Webequie Supply Road.
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